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Listen Up! Speak Up! 2008 Call for Papers


Submissions due: 1st December 2007

Papers on education, training, employment, and digitisation in the library and information sector are solicited for submission to Listen Up! Speak Up! ATSILIRN conference 2008.

Key dates:

Submission Deadline 1st December 2007
Proposal Acceptance 15th January 2008
Submission Deadline 1st March 2008
ATSILIRN 2008 Main Conference 8-9 April 2008

Presentation Formats


We will accept the following types of presentation:

Lightning Talks (5 minutes)

Lightning talks are brief talks that focus on a single example, idea, project, or library. Lightning talks are not expected to cover all aspects of the subject. They're an excellent forum for first-time speakers.

Standard (30 minutes)

This is the preferred format. 25 minutes for talking and 5 minutes for questions. This is enough time to cover a few issues well and allows us to provide a good selection of talks throughout the day.


Submission Stages


1. Proposals

Your proposal will need to include:

your name, organisation and contact details
Biography and photo.
Title of proposed presentation.
Abstract, not to exceed 250 words


2. Proposals Acceptance

Authors will be notified of the acceptance of their proposal by the proposal acceptance date. Obviously we'd love to accept as many proposals as we can, but we only have a certain number of sessions to fill.

If you require faster confirmation of acceptance please communicate this to the committee when submitting your proposal.

Speaker Benefits


All speakers (except for lightning talks) at Listen Up! Speak Up! will receive free registration to the conference, including social functions.

Send proposals to:

Alana Garwood-Houng

Charles Darwin University

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Last updated on: February 13, 2008