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ASEDA item 0739 Kriol Dictionary:


Kriol-English Dictionary

draft: October 2004

Edited by:

Jason Lee

Adapted from:

SIL-AAIB. 1996. Kriol Dictionary: With Kriol to English and English to Kriol: First Draft, February, 1986: Reprinted: May, 1996. Darwin: SIL-AAIB.

SIL-AAIB. 1986. Kriol Dictionary: With Kriol to English and English to Kriol: First Draft, February, 1986. Darwin: SIL-AAIB.

Sandefur, J.R. & J.L. Sandefur. 1979. Beginnings of a Ngukurr-Bamyili Creole Dictionary. Work Papers of SIL-AAB, Series A, Volume 4. Darwin: SIL-AAB.

© Copyright SIL Darwin 2002

This Dictionary is a work in progress. Currently there is no funding for further revision. Anyone interested in supporting this project is invited to contact SIL Darwin:

For comments and/or corrections on this draft please contact either Jason Lee: or Margaret Mickan:

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B = Barunga
F = Fitzroy Crossing
H = Halls Creek
N = Ngukurr

Semantic Categories: those used by AIAS (now AIATSIS). These were often difficult to assign and a wild game resulted. If they prove useful, suggestions on making them more accurate will be welcomed.

A: body parts and products
B: human classification
C: language, mythology, ceremony (and associated objects)
D: human artifacts (weapons, tools, clothing, etc.)
E: food, cooking and fire
F: water (fresh, salt, mud, current, etc.)
G: elements (weather, sky, topography, etc.)
H: mammals
I: reptiles (marine and Land)
J: birds
K: marine life (except mammals and reptiles)
L: insects and spiders
M: plants

N: physical (bodily states, colours, dimensions, quantity.)
O: non-physical (values, emotions, etc.)

P: motion
Q: state
R: vocalising and thought
S: bodily function
T: impact and violence
U: holding and transfer

V: locationals, temporals, directionals
W: interrogatives
X: interjections
Y: particles
Z: pronouns


Only the most significant English meanings appear in this reversal. Refer to the Kriol—English section for the full range of meaning of each word.

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