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\id <filename> Yalarnnga vocab
\id <author> Breen, Gavan
\id <restriction>No restrictions specified
\id <language> Yalarnnga, Yalanga
\id from Breen typescript "Jalarnnga " (Boulia, Dajarra, Melbourne 1969) (AIATSIS Call number:  MS 114)
\id This keyboarding copyedited by Breen and Nash 21 Nov 2001
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\id From Word 3.1 file "yal.txt-word" of 12 Oct 1989 2:42PM
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schwa = @
raised dot after vowel(half long) = ..
r plus a symbol denoting friction =r^ (as per Catford and Ladefoged 1968:9 Practical phonetic exercises)
trill (as opposed to tap) =r~
open e symbol =E
asch =ae
beta =B
retro. s = S
gamma (with raised w) =YW (represents a realisation of /k/)

\w ka
\d take

\w kaki
\d sore

\w kakurna
\d egg

\w kala
\d sore (in kalaya)

\w kala

\w kala
\d crawl, creep

\w kalamu
\d younger sibling

\w kalanti
\d drag, pull

\w kali
\d I don't know what?

\w kali
\d see karli

\w kaliya
\d beer (or rum?)

\w kalpakalpa
\d chest (H)

\w kalpin
\d young man kl

\w kalpurru
\d Boulia

\w kalthan
\d wild tobacco kl?)

\w karla
\d throat (H), nape (L)

\w karlatya
\d coolibah

\w karlathurra
\d turkey

\w karli
\d get/be bogged

\w karlu
\d father

\w kama
\d hold, catch, (feel)

\w kampaya
\d 73 - 18 1/2

\w kampukampu
\d white man

\w kanhtha
\d nest

\w kanhthi
\d hunt away

\w kankari
\d knife

\w kankati
\d top high

\w kanpa

\w kanta
\d fear

\w kamu
\d too, again (prob. -kamu)

\w karni
\d shoulder, limb of tree

\w karnku
\d boy

\w karnunupala
\d 71 - 7 1/2

\w kanyi
\d bring

\w kanyit
\d grass seed Kl

\w kaya
\d grog

\w kangkuyi
\d "plain potato"

\w kangu
\d cousin, (man's) daughter's child

\w kapalarriya
\d thirsty

\w kapani
\d hunt

\w kaparra
\d grub

\w kapara
\d turpentine bush

\w karra
\d know

\w karri
\d wash - or put out

\w karriti
\d wash (self?) Kl?

\w karrkuru
\d yellowbelly (H), perch (L)

\w karrpi
\d tie

\w karrpirlinytyirri
\d policeman

\w karruwali
\d ([F]) south

\w karawara
\d shallow (H)

\w karukaru
\d bitter

\w katha
\d wait

\w kathi
\d cook (131)

\w kathi
\d tell lies (H) kathinmana

\w kathinma
\d tell lies (H) kathinmana

\w kathingali
\d 77-7

\w kathirr
\d grass Kl

\w kata
\d know cf. karra

\w kartapi
\d hook

\w katyapi
\d kite hawk, aeroplane

\w katyimpa
\d two

\w kawa
\d come on

\w kawarla
\d don't

\w kawanaya
\d in the middle (H)

\w kawani
\d hunt (H), (cf kapani)

\w kawunu
\d dress

\w kaya
\d child

\w kikawarra
\d sand

\w kilawurru
\d galah

\w kilka
\d arm

\w kilyikilyi
\d armpit

\w kilyikilyima
\d tickle

\w kinyikinyi
\d incorrigible, randy (of female) (L)

\w kinytya
\d female

\w kinytyarla
\d leaves

\w kirrinha
\d 73 -5

\w kityipurlu
\d armpit (L)

\w kityiwala
\d annoy, (71-8) give cheek

\w kiyakiyawi
\d (H) be itchy

\w kiyakiyaya
\d (L) be itchy

\w kukapi
\d grass

\w kukithirri
\d claypan

\w kuku
\d back (=PP)

\w kuk@lirrini
\d rape (H)

\w kukuya
\d cook Eng.

\w kulhthu:t
\d brolga Kl

\w kulapurru
\d blanket (L)

\w kulpi
\d carbeen

\w kulpuru
\d shame

\w kulungantiyama
\d (73-17) cf kuluyunti

\w kulungunti
\d lift

\w kulupatyi
\d crested pigeon

\w kurlayangu
\d male

\w kurli:tyiti
\d peewee Kl?

\w kurlukurlu
\d all the time, again, more

\w kumarrinytyirri
\d eaglehawk

\w kumayi
\d raw

\w kumayirtatyalinytyirri
\d eaglehawk 131, 137/2

\w kumpatha
\d chisel

\w kunhu
\d water

\w kuna
\d 77-78

\w kuna
\d faeces (M)

\w kunaka:tya
\d plain goanna 72 - 2 1/2 Kl?)

\w kunka
\d bone

\w kunkuyu
\d (man's) child, brother's child

\w kunti
\d house

\w kuntu
\d not

\w kunytyi
\d tail

\w kungkurrpa
\d a cold, flu

\w kapakupa
\d old man

\w kupangurru
\d old man

\w kupi
\d fish

\w kupu
\d spider

\w kurrartapu
\d magpie Kl?

\w kurrawula
\d shut up (73 - 17 1/2)

\w kurrayi
\d dogwood

\w kurrikurri
\d red

\w kurrirti
\d uncle

\w kunti
\d uncle

\w kurrkira
\d cave

\w kurrpakurrpa
\d hot

\w kurrpukurrpu
\d hot

\w kurrpaya
\d three

\w kurrurru
\d blood

\w kura
\d light, brightness

\w kuranhiya
\d 73-19 1/2

\w kuthaparra
\d stock (138), bark (71-4)

\w kuthu
\d smoke (H; MaB:t)

\w kuta
\d swim

\w kutu
\d smoke (MaB)

\w kurtarni
\d three (H?)

\w kurtu
\d shield

\w kurtukurtu
\d crooked

\w kutya
\d rotten

\w kutyakutya
\d shield

\w kutyukutyu
\d pup

\w kuyirri
\d boy (=kl)

\w kuyungu
\d good (=PP)

\w rlaa
\d now

\w rlartu
\d he erg

\w rlaya
\d he

\w makamaka
\d hot (-ya-V6)

\w makapu
\d 87/1.8, 88/1.5-

\w makarri
\d coolibah

\w makurtu
\d husband (H)

\w malkamarru
\d policeman PP

\w malkarri
\d corroboree

\w marli
\d tongue

\w marlinhiya
\d quick

\w marlkarra
\d mud

\w marlu
\d 77 7 1/2)

\w malytya
\d ground

\w malyurru
\d copi

\w mampila
\d hand (Wun?)

\w mampunu
\d hand

\w manhi
\d tucker (L)

\w manhtha
\d tucker (M.H.)

\w manhthakumpa
\d urine

\w mana
\d 155/1.6

\w manamana
\d sky

\w mani
\d get

\w manngayana
\d girl (L)

\w manpani
\d jump

\w mantawitha
\d single man

\w mantiyirri
\d (man's) father-in-law

\w manyimba
\d 76/3

\w manungkurnu
\d North

\w manuwa
\d cough

\w manu-yanya-na
\d 78/12

\w marnu
\d mother

\w marnu
\d tired

\w marnumpili
\d middle

\w manyimpa
\d on one's own

\w mangka
\d hear

\w mangkamangkarli
\d "to think"

\w mangkalu
\d think (mistakenly)

\w mangkima
\d take away (from)

\w mangkimangki
\d sheep

\w mangu
\d a colt, snot

\w mangunirri
\d doctor

\w mangurru
\d dog

\w manguwatyi
\d long time

\w mapira
\d skin, paper money

\w marra
\d well, now

\w marra
\d spear

\w marrinrta
\d Marion Downs

\w mara
\d hand

\w marala
\d 73 - 14 1/2

\w maramarawirri
\d women's genitals

\w marana
\d goanna

\w mari
\d go and get

\w mari
\d rub? (see mati)

\w matha/mata
\d cold

\w matarna
\d cold

\w matarri-yaemba
\d 75/7

\w mati
\d to paint

\w marti
\d careful

\w matya
\d 73-2B

\w matyumpa
\d kangaroo

\w matyurri
\d be tired

\w matyurru
\d clever

\w matyutha
\d 71-9

\w mayapungu
\d corella

\w mayi
\d ground

\w mika
\d urine?

\w mikarra
\d mosquito

\w mikaya
\d mosquito

\w mili
\d eye

\w miliwaki
\d be wrong

\w miliya
\d be born

\w milnga
\d fly

\w mirla
\d red ochre

\w mirlakuma
\d sleep

\w mirlakumangarrarla
\d yesterday

\w milyinyana
\d eyebrows

\w mimi
\d breast, milk

\w minpini
\d lower back

\w mintimintima
\d look after

\w mirnmirri
\d woman

\w minytyi
\d back

\w minytyiya
\d mess around

\w mingankarri
\d eyebrow

\w mirrampa
\d possum

\w mirriwini
\d money

\w mirungan
\d kidney

\w mirtamirta
\d claypan

\w miya
\d sun, sunlight

\w miyangarrala
\d "next day", another day

\w miyawaru
\d nighttime

\w miya
\d get, take

\w mukampa
\d dark, black, night

\w mukampangarra
\d yesterday

\w mukulu
\d hill, stone

\w mukuru
\d charcoal

\w murla
\d head

\w murlakawarra
\d hit on head

\w murlakarla
\d "plain potato"

\w muma
\d take

\w mundhEyaeda
\d bogey

\w munhtha
\d bogey

\w munhthamunhtha
\d old woman

\w munhthi
\d own

\w munhthu
\d face

\w munarru
\d skirt

\w murnarru
\d skirt

\w munuwangarilinytyirri
\d eaglehawk

\w murningka
\d inside

\w murnrtu
\d blunt

\w munytyanyi
\d 74 - 1 1/2

\w mungatha
\d day

\w mungkani
\d fish

\w mungkata
\d bereft of father or mother

\w murrkuthatha
\d spear, snappy gum

\w murruka
\d mosquito

\w murrumarri
\d corella

\w murumari
\d corella

\w muraya
\d 243/3.6

\w muthamutha
\d bark

\w mutirri
\d crab

\w murtu
\d camp

\w mutyu(tyu)
\d mother's mother (also father's father)

\w muwanu
\d axe

\w muwaparri
\d grey (hair)

\w muyutyu
\d old woman

\w nhaka
\d run

\w nhakama
\d pour

\w nhakarti
\d bad

\w nhalangu
\d when?

\w nharla
\d you (plu)

\w nhamingu
\d how many?

\w nhamurtu
\d thing

\w nhanku
\d who?

\w nhantu
\d who? (erg)

\w nangayami
\d 73/11

\w nhangkima
\d =PP? 167/2.5

\w nhangu
\d what?

\w nanguwarri-wu
\d whatsit?

\w nanguwarri-ya
\d loc of whatsit

\w nhanguwali
\d to do so-and-so with nom

\w nhanguwarri
\d so-and-so with tyarrudu

\w nharra
\d 75-9

\w nhawa
\d you (sing)

\w nhina
\d sit

\w nhinti
\d have, hold

\w nhitha
\d steal

\w nhurlu
\d you

\w nhungu
\d 87/1/7

\w nhumpala
\d you (dual)

\w nhurra
\d tucker ([r~])

\w nhurrungu
\d tea tree bark

\w nhuwu
\d you

\w narra
\d 97/2.8

\w naypu
\d knife Eng.

\w rna
\d see

\w rnanyi
\d see

\w rninyi
\d (demonstrative)

\w nyiku
\d 74-5

\w nyilki
\d fat

\w nyunma
\d lay (egg)

\w nga
\d go

\w ngaa
\d yes(?)

\w ngaka
\d cough

\w ngaka
\d =ngapa?

\w ngakupulu
\d yellowbelly

\w ngalhu
\d daughter (woman's father-in-law)

\w ngalanga
\d talk

\w ngalangga
\d 79/1

\w ngalangala
\d ?73 - 70 1/2

\w ngalayi
\d in ngurrki ngalayi

\w ngali
\d we (dual)

\w ngalinyirri
\d chest

\w ngarlingarli
\d rock wallaby (wallaroo H)

\w ngarlu
\d we (du., erg)

\w ngarlu
\d uncle

\w ngama
\d breast

\w ngamanti
\d spinifex

\w ngamatya
\d hunger

\w ngamatyala
\d hungry

\w ngamatyarriya
\d be hungry

\w ngamatyaya
\d hungry (86)

\w ngampita
\d 73-5 ngampitEyu

\w nganhthama
\d 143/2.3

\w ngana
\d go

\w nganingani
\d cheeky, stupid (?)

\w ngankarri
\d police station

\w ngankarriyangu
\d policeman

\w nganku
\d 72 - 4 1/2

\w nga..nt@
\d 74-3

\w ngantukala
\d yellowbelly

\w ngarnima
\d carry (on shoulder)

\w ngarnrtawa
\d cover

\w ngarnrtukala
\d yellowbelly

\w nganytyi
\d skinny

\w ngapa
\d go

\w ngapa
\d tell

\w ngarra
\d make (fire), put (mark) on, build, have as subject (of dream)

\w ngarri
\d eat

\w ngarri
\d 243/3.10

\w ngarrkati
\d liver

\w ngarrkunu
\d wallaroo (wallaby H)

\w ngara
\d 71-9 = ngarra?

\w ngari
\d eat

\w ngaru
\d smoke = ngura

\w ngatharti
\d (woman's) child, sister's child

\w ngathartungu
\d my

\w ngathi
\d cook

\w ngathu
\d I (erg)

\w ngartali
\d be gone

\w ngatyi
\d I (obl)

\w ngawa
\d we (plu)

\w ngawarri
\d [r^] heavy

\w ngawinhthi
\d stranger

\w ngayimala
\d heart

\w ngayini
\d yesterday

\w ngirlarti
\d 75/8

\w ngiya
\d I

\w ngiyamba
\d 78/13

\w ngkaa
\d yam

\w ngkarra
\d yam

\w ngu
\d give

\w ngulhthu
\d branch

\w nguli
\d always

\w ngurlma
\d 138/7.8

\w ngumunhthirri
\d fly (also yu-)

\w nguna
\d lie

\w ngunka
\d 73-10

\w ngunkurr
\d snot

\w ngurnrti
\d ngunti (not YI?)

\w ngunyi
\d give

\w ngunytya
\d song, corroboree

\w ngunytyimpa
\d nearly

\w ngunytyukura
\d elbow, arm

\w ngurrki
\d blood

\w ngurrki ngalayi
\d bleed

\w ngurrukurtu
\d bird sp. 131

\w ngurangura
\d smokey

\w ngurityi
\d whitewood

\w (nguru) ngurungarra
\d another

\w nguru
\d alone

\w ngururu
\d alone 78/13

\w palkili
\d rock

\w palpawa
\d light (fire)

\w parlawa
\d undo, loosen, take off

\w parlaya
\d become loose

\w parlurlu
\d small

\w pampara
\d speech

\w pampu
\d egg

\w panhangarra
\d other side

\w pankaka
\d 137,138/2, 155

\w parnayi
\d take away (from), run away with, blow away

\w panytyarra
\d very, vigorously

\w pangutya
\d 143

\w papipi
\d father's mother

\w parrama
\d miss (r^)

\w parruma
\d miss(r^)

\w parrawangku
\d stupid

\w parrkamu
\d turkey

\w parruku
\d baby

\w parruparru
\d yellow

\w paru
\d light, torch

\w parta
\d mud

\w patya
\d bite (should be rtatya)

\w patyaya
\d start

\w patya-yama..ma
\d 73/6

\w pawiri
\d father's mother

\w payarla
\d boomerang

\w payarrpayarri
\d light (in weight)

\w pilikani
\d billy

\w pilki
\d opening, door

\w pilpangayirri
\d forehead, giddy

\w pirlapirla
\d child

\w pirlki
\d opening, door

\w pirlki
\d mud

\w pirlpangayirri
\d forehead, giddy

\w pimara
\d supplejack

\w pinhtha
\d stick

\w pinhthatha
\d short

\w pinarri
\d ear

\w pinka
\d pinch

\w pinka (yama)
\d scratch (oneself)

\w pinpa
\d fetch

\w pirnpa
\d fetch

\w pinpirri
\d river gum

\w pirnpirri
\d river gum

\w pinytyamungarrala
\d yesterday

\w pinytyangulangarrala
\d on the other side

\w pinytyawa
\d dig

\w pinytyil
\d ? 86

\w pinytyiwuniwaki
\d be giddy

\w pipalpipal
\d ribs

\w pipinyi
\d fruit

\w pirrimuku
\d ([r~]) plain goanna

\w pirrkipirrki
\d bloodwood

\w pirrkirri
\d wild onion, mingeroo

\w pityurtu
\d aeroplane

\w piyaka
\d (man's) son, uncle?

\w piyangirri
\d carney

\w piyangu
\d bindieye

\w piyarri
\d tall, long

\w puka
\d pull (or push?)

\w pukurnu
\d still

\w pukutyut
\d mouse

\w pula
\d the (dual)

\w pula
\d if

\w pula
\d 263/2.3

\w pulithi
\d cattle

\w pulumpulu
\d root

\w puluwarra
\d white, (flour)

\w pulytyurru
\d chips

\w pumpa
\d ashes

\w punkirra
\d face

\w punkulu
\d thigh, hip

\w punta
\d pluck

\w punturlu
\d march fly

\w punytyu
\d body hair

\w pungka
\d cover

\w pungkuwarri
\d bag

\w pupi
\d (woman's) father-in-law

\w purrakali
\d ([r~]) be bogged

\w purrpu
\d hair

\w purrupurru
\d knee

\w purrutya
\d honey

\w putha
\d break

\w puthani
\d 141/1.3

\w putu
\d chin,stomach (outside)

\w purtapurta
\d sheep, goat; mountain gum

\w purturungu
\d star

\w puwapuwa
\d talking

\w puyu
\d dry

\w puyuyanydyaeda
\d 79/27

\w ranhtharru
\d ([r~]) tucker; as yanhthur~u

\w ranytyi
\d slow

\w ranytyu
\d slow

\w riki
\d bush oven

\w rityurru
\d guts

\w rutyurri
\d guts

\w rityurra
\d guts

\w rungka
\d lightning

\w rungulamu
\d thunder

\w tha:mu
\d dreaming (myth)

\w thaka
\d coolamon

\w tharrka
\d coolamon

\w thaku (thaku)
\d full (stomach)

\w thakurru
\d possum

\w thalimpirri
\d nullanulla

\w thalpirri
\d beard

\w thalpurru
\d needlebush

\w thalu
\d pigweed

\w tharli
\d 71 - 5 1/2

\w tharli
\d defecate

\w thamparri
\d (an)other

\w thana
\d they (plu)

\w thana
\d stand

\w thani
\d mouth

\w thanku
\d wet

\w thanti
\d bark

\w thanga
\d run, blow (of wind)

\w thangana
\d run, blow (of wind)

\w thangani
\d 74/4, 76/1, 75/15

\w thanganinydyaeda
\d 77/78

\w tharra
\d cut (grooves in boomerang)

\w tharra
\d where?

\w tharrili
\d where?

\w tharrilunga
\d where from?

\w tharrimila
\d where to?

\w tharrimpala
\d where to?

\w tharrapata
\d Mt Isa

\w tharriwangu
\d on the left

\w tharrkurru
\d man

\w tharrpali
\d gully

\w tharru-
\d where?

\w thathama
\d mix

\w thartawa
\d knock over

\w tharti
\d later, by and by

\w rtatimEya
\d 73/14

\w thawirti thawirti
\d elder brother

\w thayirri
\d ([r~]) sharp

\w thE
\d 71 - 12 1/2, 71 -9M

\w thiku
\d where?

\w thikuthiku
\d often

\w thilimarri
\d gidgea

\w thiliyarra
\d feather (emu?)

\w thima
\d drink

\w thina
\d foot, track

\w thinaa
\d tell, or send away, send word, cf. thinaya

\w thinama
\d talk about

\w thinama
\d follow (track)

\w thinawa
\d follow (track)

\w thinangkali
\d behind

\w thinarta
\d dinner

\w thinaya
\d send (cf. thinaa)

\w thinkali
\d knee

\w thingka
\d hit with missile, chop

\w thipathiparri
\d firestick

\w thirrirri
\d elder sister

\w thirriwa
\d west ([r~])

\w thiti
\d (man's) child, brother's child

\w thuka
\d bone, stick

\w thukani
\d spear, yamstick

\w thukuwarlanytyirri
\d lightning

\w thulinganinytyirri
\d lily

\w thulkuparra
\d back

\w thurli
\d ground, dirt

\w thumparn
\d crayfish

\w thumpararra
\d blue-tongue lizard

\w thuntal
\d moon

\w thunpulhthu
\d buttocks

\w thupa
\d blue-tongue lizard

\w thurrithurri
\d 137/2.2

\w thurrkali
\d hard, tight, strong

\w thurrkuna
\d turkey

\w thutha
\d poison

\w thuthu
\d mark

\w rta
\d leave

\w rtampa
\d mix?

\w rtampiya
\d hole,hollow log

\w rtanyi
\d leave (throw, die)

\w rtangkarri
\d west

\w rtatya
\d bite

\w rtawunu
\d town

\w rtikarSaBa
\q  unclear to Breen when he transcribed it: "as t with a bracketed dot
underneath followed by i semi-long (i.e. with raised dot after it), then k
a r with subscript dot s with subscript dot beta a.  Each of the four
symbols preceding the final a (i.e. rdot to beta) has a question mark above
it."  page 73-16half
\d 73/5 thuka

\w rtuka
\d drink

\w rtuku
\d lightning, thunder cf. thuku

\w rtupa
\d play, dance

\w tyala
\d (demonstrative)

\w tyalkili
\d gap??

\w tyampat
\d spittle

\w tyarnpara
\d walking stick

\w tyarralku
\d frog

\w tyarri-
\d 97/1-0

\w tyarru-
\d demonstrative

\w tyarri-
\d demonstrative

\w tyaru
\d ?76 - 6 1/2

\w tyatyityi
\d husband, mother's father

\w tyawarn
\d frog

\w tyik@rtyik@rtima
\d (?) mess up

\w tyilawuru
\d galah - or kilawurru?

\w tyilkirri
\d throat

\w tyintirrityintirri
\d willy wagtail

\w tyintirttyintirt
\d willy wagtail

\w tyingurlay
\d sneeze?

\w tyipa
\d moon

\w tyipilyu
\d duck

\w tyirra
\d take out, take off

\w tyirrka
\d star

\w tyita:ma
\d be careful, look after

\w tyiya:ta
\d Dajarra

\w tyuliya
\d hide (tyurluya?)

\w tyurlu
\d stealth

\w tyurluwinti
\d hide

\w tyurruyan
\d porcupine

\w tyuta
\d stare

\w tyurtu
\d 73 - 5 1/2

\w tyurtu
\d coolamon

\w tyuwa
\d boy

\w wa
\d hit, kill

\w waka
\d noise

\w wakarla
\d crow

\w wakana(ya)
\d (be) quiet

\w wakarri
\d fish

\w waki
\d go around, turn around

\w waku
\d skin

\w waku
\d mussel

\w walhanguYWa
\q page 73/6

\w wala
\d hit

\w wala
\d "not taking any notice"

\w walarla
\d Buckingham Downs

\w walayi
\d that way

\w wal:Eyu
\d 73/12

\w walEyu
\d on one's own

\w wali
\d burn

\w wali
\d 131/1.8

\w walipirri
\d humpy

\w walkirriparri
\d pelican

\w walpi
\d place name

\w warlkarra
\d lizard

\w walngarra
\d close, near

\w warluwa
\d shade

\w warluwayangu
\d kangaroo

\w wama
\d 73 - 14 1/2

\w wamakurtu
\d emu

\w wamarri
\d snake

\w wamila
\d sleep

\w wampa
\d girl

\w wamparla(mpa)
\d headless, careless

\w wamu
\d 143/2.4

\w wanhaka
\d hot

\w wanhtha
\d fall (of rain)

\w wanhthi
\d follow

\w wanaka
\d rope, chain

\w wani
\d sing

\w wanngarra
\d close, near

\w wanpi
\d breathe, in wayirra wanpi

\w wanti
\d climb

\w wantima
\d carry

\w warni
\d 131/1.2

\w wanyi
\d hand, elbow

\w wanyimpa
\d empty-handed

\w wanytya
\d smell

\w wangama
\d know

\w wapirri
\d humpy

\w waputhu
\d (man's) mother-in-law

\w warramparta
\d axe (cf. wara)

\w warri
\d meat, animal

\w warripiyi
\d 167/2.7

\w warrka
\d fall

\w warrku
\d shoulders

\w warrpanhthurru
\d hair

\w waramparta
\d axe (cf. warra)

\w waripa
\d soak

\w warupu
\d hair

\w waruwaru
\d Milky Way

\w watharra
\d get up, rise, grow (of grass)

\w wathi
\d hot stone (for cooking)

\w wathi
\d 71/9

\w wathu
\d (an)other (place)

\w wata
\d get down

\w warta
\d dark

\w wartangampa
\d tomorrow

\w wartatyi
\d wild orange

\w wartuku
\d hook

\w watyaliya
\d first

\w watyani
\d fire

\w watyangarra
\d other side

\w watyi-li
\d 76/2

\w watyinhama
\d to cut

\w wawi
\d sing

\w waya
\d demonstrative

\w wayapa
\d ask

\w wayapali
\d check

\w wayi-
\d demonstrative

\w wayirlu(wa)
\d 71/18

\w wayirlati
\d hither

\w wayirra
\d breath, desire

\w wayiru
\d hither

\w wayu-
\d demonstrative

\w wilhtha
\d sweat, dew

\w wilangunha
\d swim

\w wilkampi
\d put in, see wirrkampi

\w wirrawa
\d dog's hair, fur

\w wirrka
\d go in

\w wirrkampi
\d put in

\w wiringa(ra)
\d peewee (cf. wuringa)

\w wiyi
\d question marker

\w wuku
\d cheek

\w wukuntu
\d 76 - 5 1/2

\w wula
\d die

\w wulanga
\d die

\w wula
\d 88.75, 71 - 71/2, 73 - 2

\w wulawunta
\d fly, swim

\w wuliya::n
\d eaglehawk

\w wulka
\d = wirrka?, wurrka

\w wulkari
\d away

\w wulku
\d too long

\w wumara
\d woomera

\w wuna
\d faeces

\w wuna
\d 76-5B

\w wunungka
\d wind

\w wunungkati
\d wind

\w wunungkarti
\d wind

\w wuparinytyi
\d young man

\w wurrawa
\d ( = H's wirrawa)

\w wurrka
\d go in

\w wurrkayu
\d away

\w wurrurru
\d for good

\w wururru?
\d all the way

\w wura
\d 71-12

\w wurawura
\d spittle, dribble

\w wuringa
\d quarrion (cf. wiringa)

\w wuruma
\d unborn baby

\w wuthani
\d white man, devil, dead man

\w wutupa
\d frog

\w wurtima
\d eat all

\w wutya
\d only

\w wutyari
\d net

\w yaka
\d oh

\w yakana
\d sing out

\w yalarnnga
\d language name

\w yalpungu
\d congaberry

\w yampangu
\d flood

\w yampi
\d bank

\w yampu
\d benjy?

\w yanka
\d be sick

\w yanu
\d big

\w yarna
\d face, forehead

\w yarnpama
\d make

\w yarnpamu
\d good

\w yarnrta
\d build

\w yarnrtu
\d windbreak

\w yarnurtaku
\d 73-11

\w yangkata
\d yam (H yangkatha)

\w yaparla
\d leg, shin

\w yapatyarra
\d 143/2

\w yapirnrtityi
\d snake sp.

\w yarramana
\d horse

\w yarrka
\d far

\w yarrganh(a)
\d 73/5

\w yara
\d pouch

\w yarawali
\q transcribed with a small raised question mark following and referring to the second vowel
\d deep

\w yarikaya
\d be hungry

\w yathayathawartarta
\d lie on back

\w yarta
\d mother's sister

\w yawirra
\d 138/2.4

\w yika
\d know

\w yikapuyu
\d quiet

\w yikata
\d mob

\w yilhtharra
\d yellow, green

\w yilakirri
\d 167/1.7

\w yilarli
\d today

\w yilarrama
\d to keep awake

\w yilawarri
\d greedy

\w yiltharra
\d yellow, green

\w yimata
\d fish

\w yimirti
\d auntie, woman's mother-in-law

\w yinka
\d laugh

\w yingka
\d laugh

\w yinpikurtu
\d wild orange

\w yirrali
\d teeth

\w yirratyi
\d young woman

\w yithirra
\d 72 - 2 1/2

\w yithi
\d ant (also yithithu)

\w yi i
\d man

\w yithinta
\d hang

\w yita
\d demonstrative

\w yityamali
\d laugh

\w yityi
\d nose

\w yityinytyi
\d nose

\w yityipiyarri
\d horse

\w yityingkula
\d drown

\w yityithama
\d be jealous

\w yiya
\d teeth

\w yiya
\d yes

\w yiyali
\d cry

\w yuka
\d creek, sand

\w yuku
\d spear

\w yulkani
\d "sulky", a fight

\w yulkanytyirri
\d aggressive

\w yurlkani
\d 76 - 1 1/2 cf yulkani

\w yumu
\d warm, dry

\w yumunhthurru
\d fly

\w yumunhthirri
\d fly

\w yunhthu
\d arm

\w yunkunhi
\d return, come back

\w yunma
\d to look for

\w yurnma
\d to look for

\w yungku
\d poke

\w yurruma
\d cloud

\w yururtu
\d heart

\w yuthuthu
\d ant

\w yuthuwarra
\d alive

\w yurtuyurtu
\d crocodile

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